Civic, Culture & Conference/Expo Precinct Projects

Civic Centre

Future Project 2016-2019
( Council )
  • public-focus
  • well-connected
  • environment
  • sustainable-futures
  • liveable-community
  • culture-and-heritage

This project will bring all Council administration together in one location to deliver significant operational efficiencies and create a civic hub. Scoping work will progress in 2016 with the analysis for rebuilding on the existing Forum North site as the preferred option. When we are ready with a proposed solution we will seek community feedback on the project. Council has allocated $10 million of funding in the Long Term Plan.

Arts, Culture and Conference/Expo Precinct

Future Project 2016-2021
( Council / Private / Community )
  • public-focus
  • well-connected
  • sustainable-futures
  • liveable-community
  • culture-and-heritage

Redevelopment of the Forum North site would see the establishment of a larger arts and cultural presence in the city centre. This development will also facilitate greater synergies between performing arts, cultural activities and local business, and help frame the south-eastern edge of the city centre around lower Bank and Vine Streets. Key existing facilities such as the library and theatre would be integrated into a vibrant centre. A second element to this project is a purpose-built conference/expo centre taking advantage of the proximity to car parking and public transport with outstanding views of Cafler Park and surrounds. These projects would be undertaken in a partnership between Council and other providers. Major construction works are anticipated to begin in 2021. Council has allocated funding for a new theatre in the Long Term Plan.

Development Opportunities

What those icons mean

Economic Performance
Te Whakatupu Oranga Whanau

  • A range of quality educational facilities
  • A strong and sustainable economy
  • Promotion of tourism
  • Provide for marine activities

Liveable Community
Nga Whare Noho o Whangarei

  • High quality residential intensification
  • Services and facilities to meet the needs of the community
  • World class design and architecture which is unique to Whangarei
  • Safe and inviting spaces
  • Recreation and wellbeing

Culture & Heritage
Taonga tuku iho

  • Protect valued heritage buildings and uses
  • A meaningful partnership with Mana Whenua
  • Use of Te Aranga Maori design principles
  • Provide interpretation of heritage and culture
  • Celebrate local identity and our unique history

Public Focus

  • A range of well designed spaces for civic activities, sports and recreational activities
  • Exciting and inviting day and nighttime activities, events & facilities
  • Enable interaction with the water and green spaces
  • Vibrant and attractive public spaces for all to enjoy

Well Connected

  • Ease of movement between the city and the waterfront
  • Integrated public transport
  • Provide spaces for people of all ages and abilities
  • Comprehensive pedestrian and cycle network

Toitu te whenua, toitu te taiao

  • Provide flood protection
  • Improve water quality
  • Restore ecological edges
  • Protect surrounding green network and landscape features