Hihiaua Precinct Projects

Reyburn House Lane

Future Project 2017
( Private / Council )
  • public-focus
  • well-connected
  • environment
  • sustainable-futures
  • liveable-community
  • culture-and-heritage

Reyburn House Lane will be redeveloped for residential and mixed use development through a public/private partnership. This project will contribute to residential intensification in the city. High quality design is a priority to ensure an attractive, liveable area. In the public spaces traffic calming, street lighting, rationalisation of car parking and creating legible pedestrian connections with the adjacent art park will be critical to ensuring the ongoing development of this growing residential community. This may include the upgrading of marina facilities along the coastal edge to complement residential intensification. Whangarei District Council owns much of the land. While Council will undertake the planning no funding is allocated for development.

Mixed Use & Residential Intensification

Future Project 2020
( Private / Council )
  • public-focus
  • environment
  • sustainable-futures
  • liveable-community
  • culture-and-heritage

A larger residential community on the Hihiaua Precinct is seen as a critical component in creating a vibrant, liveable city centre. Areas of inner city living provide opportunities to create neighbourhoods of medium density and apartment living complemented by office and commercial activities. To ensure the success and to attract more people to living in the centre, new developments should include high quality design and materials as well as contributing to attractive and welcoming public spaces. Both Whangerei District Council and Northland Regional Council will work with private enterprise to develop models for this intensification. Whangarei District Council owns much of the land.

Development Opportunities

What those icons mean

Economic Performance
Te Whakatupu Oranga Whanau

  • A range of quality educational facilities
  • A strong and sustainable economy
  • Promotion of tourism
  • Provide for marine activities

Liveable Community
Nga Whare Noho o Whangarei

  • High quality residential intensification
  • Services and facilities to meet the needs of the community
  • World class design and architecture which is unique to Whangarei
  • Safe and inviting spaces
  • Recreation and wellbeing

Culture & Heritage
Taonga tuku iho

  • Protect valued heritage buildings and uses
  • A meaningful partnership with Mana Whenua
  • Use of Te Aranga Maori design principles
  • Provide interpretation of heritage and culture
  • Celebrate local identity and our unique history

Public Focus

  • A range of well designed spaces for civic activities, sports and recreational activities
  • Exciting and inviting day and nighttime activities, events & facilities
  • Enable interaction with the water and green spaces
  • Vibrant and attractive public spaces for all to enjoy

Well Connected

  • Ease of movement between the city and the waterfront
  • Integrated public transport
  • Provide spaces for people of all ages and abilities
  • Comprehensive pedestrian and cycle network

Toitu te whenua, toitu te taiao

  • Provide flood protection
  • Improve water quality
  • Restore ecological edges
  • Protect surrounding green network and landscape features